• Nasi Ayam Pak Mal

    Nasi Ayam Pak Mal

    One of the most favourable Nasi Ayam around Shah Alam

  • Mr Steakshouse

    Mr Steakhouse

    Cheap alternative for steak lovers

  • Zam Zam Arabic Food

    Zam Zam Arabic Food

    Selections Pure arabic food that can fullfilled easting satisfactory

  • Aroma Hijrah

    Aroma Hijrah

    Mixed with Malaysian and middle eastern tastes

  • Restoran Temerloh Catering and Services

    Restoran Temerloh Catering and Services

    Closer alternatives for Patin and Pahang originated dishes

  • Warung Pak Din

    Warung Pak Din

    The best curry puff and Pulut Panggang around Klang area.

Warung Pak Din

As I tweeted earlier, the next post would be about Pulut Panggang. This kueh basically a Pulut stuffed with some coconut essence. Roasted like Otak-Otak, if served with black coffee or tea, your woeful evening can be turned into a wonderful one.

There is one famous little stall that sells this kueh everyday except Friday, starting from afternoon to around 6 o'clock in the evening. The stall called "Warung Pak Din". Located at the intersection of Jalan Ladang and Jalan Bali, the stall always packed with returning customers every evening. Serving other food too like Nasi Ayam Berempah, Kuew Teow Kerang and kueh like Pisang Goreng, the main one for me always and has been Pulut Panggang together with his signature Karipap Ayam.

 Stall Signboard

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Restoran Temerloh Catering & Services

Salam, and good evening. Just want to share my iftar dish for today. My mom cooked for us and my sister in laws family. Serve together with Sambal Sotong hopefully I'll have enough strength for Terawih tonight.

There is a good restaurant that served this kind of dish. Quite popular too among Shah Alam residents. Situated at Dataran Otomobil, Section 15 Shah Alam, Restoran Temerloh Catering & Services definitely can provide the satisfaction to their customer with the food served there. Went there several times with family and friends, being a regular customer, I had the privilege testing several dish originated from Temerloh, Pahang

The Restaurant

Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin. Credit: Google Image

Price? Affordable. Ambiance? Good place to hang out as the place also used by many customer to meet old friend catching lost time during workdays.

Location? See the map below.

 Restoran Temerloh Catering & Services
2G Jalan Pahat J 15 / J 
Kompleks Dataran Automobil Section 15 
40000 Shah Alam

 Contact? See details below.

Phone:     03-5523 2972
Email:     temerlohcatering@yahoo.com
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Restoran-Temerloh-Catering-Services/185688591449733

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Bazaar Ramadhan 2013: Shah Alam


Assalamualaikum and good morning. Its been a cozy and cool Ramadhan this year, the weather is nice, cloudy and raining sometimes in the morning, like today.

Today is the second day of fasting, I went to Bazaar Ramadhan nearby my house searching food for my iftar yestedar. Situated at regular Tuesday night-market place. My mother and I went early as we think that if we go there after 5 pm, it will be crowded place, packed with office workers nearby, alongside regular bazaar visitor like previous years. We bought Pajeri Terung, Roti Boom, Nasi Ayam Hainan, and kueh Seri Muka.

Bazaar Ramadhan at Taman Sri Andalas. Credit: Mycen

 In order: Roti Boom, Nasi Ayam Hainan, Pajeri Terung, Seri Muka. Credit: Google Image

So, it is my privilege, sharing info with my fellow reader regarding Bazaar Ramadhan location, as alternative to regular place. Might be good for someone that not fancy crowded area and critical parking spaces. Around 2673 marketeer at 39 different Bazaar Ramadhan had been given license and briefing about do's and dont's.

One thing for sure, these bazaar offer many kind of food from all over the state in Malaysia. Spend wisely, check thoroughly, and suggest the stall if it is worth your money to spend it there.

You may view the list HERE. The link is safe, as it is a PDF File, from a meeting that MBSA uploaded in the internet.

Picture Credit: Google Image

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Aroma Hijrah

Its been awhile since my last post, dated back on 25th June 2012. More than a year. Quite busy with works at office. But since I am going to change ministry, from contract to permanent, I can say that I will be having more quality time; either at THE office or outside.

Last post is about Middle Eastern Food. This post too. Its my privileged to tell you guys, my reader about this particular restaurant. The restaurant owned by a local owner, a Muslim that want his customer to enjoy middle eastern food mix with some Malaysian taste. Aroma Hijrah, situated at TTDI Jaya (Section U2, Shah Alam). Parking might be an issue here since its very limited but no a very critical one. A Surau also located near this premise, so that the customer can perform their obligations, as early as they want.

Masywi Chicken, roasted Lamb & Kabsah Lamb with Mandy, Kabsah & Maqlubah

Picture above is the one that I had during my visit here. Sharing this meal among 3 people, we find it quite hard to finish the meal since it has PLENTY. Three different dish, serve with three different-cooked rice, served together with some side dishes and a Jug of syrup juice, I can be very sure you may achieve quite a satisfaction. The price is around RM 70++

 Full House. Credit Aroma Hijrah FB Page

Dining Area, Credit to Aroma Hijrah FB Page
You may choose to dine in like the picture above or using tables provided. We choose to dine cross-legged as we find it quite special. Not many restaurant that offer this kind services. 

 Advertisement Board around Shah Alam. Credit: Aroma Hijrah FB Page

New Menu, Top: Lamb Shank Hanith. Bottom: Grilled Norwegian Tilapia. Credit Aroma Hijrah FB Page

Comments? If you like pure Middle Eastern Dish, the satisfaction level might not as good as at Zam Zam Arabic Food. This restaurant offers their customer a Middle Eastern Dish mixed with a little bit of Malaysian food taste. 

The ambiance is good, nice air flow and air-conditioned. Fast service and good customer service too. They, the worker can suggest you quite a nice food there. The price is affordable, not reaching Zam-Zam Arabic Food. You get to eat what you pay. But sometimes, even you pay more, the dish served to you do not meet your requirement of satisfaction. For me, worth it to dine here.

Location? See the map below

No 8, Jalan Opera U2/H TTDI Jaya 40150 Shah Alam

Contact? See details below

Phone     : 0378321524 / 0126544838 / 0126644639
Email     : restaromahijrah@unifi.my
Website  : https://www.facebook.com/aroma.hijrah

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Zam - Zam Arabic Food

Have you ever tried Eastern Food? If you haven't, it is a must to try it. There is plenty to choose from at Klang Valley, but one of them is kind of outstanding from the others

The restaurant called Zam Zam Arabic Food Restaurant. Situated near Plaza Masalam, parking is not and issue since there a plenty. Enjoy the pictures! First the restaurant itself.

View from parking

 Situated at Oasis 9, Section 9 Shah Alam

General view inside the premise 

Menu book

Now proceed to the food. All I can is, a picture tells a thousand words. Enjoy!

 Chicken Mandy

Lamb Mandy

Falafel Sandwich

Whole Roasted Chicken with Bread

Arabic Cocktail

Pineapple Cocktail

Mango with Milk

Comments? An a must restaurant to visit if you are nearby Shah Alam. The food tastes delicious, the service is good, hygienic, and the most important thing is, the food is cook by cook from Eastern, not some local lads like an arabic in Section 7, Shah Alam. Price wise? Affordable. Sorry that I cant attached the price since, I'm not the one that pay during my visit here. Lol.

Delicious food doesn't come cheap. It's a motto you have to bare in mind. I don't mind paying a little bit more for food, but there's always a limit. 

Location? See the map below

 Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah G 9/G  Seksyen 9, 
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

Contact? See details below

Phone: 017-673 3018
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zam-Zam-Arabic-Restaurant-Grand-Ballroom/343737889064940

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Mr Steak House

I am a steak lover. Whenever my neighbor or my friend tells me that they went to a nice place to have a steak, automatically, the shop is in my Hit List for place to visit

One day, while busy doing routine work at office, my friend suggest me a steak house near Lama Seri, Section 13 Shah Alam. So that night, I asked some friend to tag along and went there.

At first, we all do not know which is the best-suit premise for us to dine in since there, got 2 steak house. 1 called "Laman Grill Steak & BBQ Restaurant" and another is "Mr Steak House". Judging the scenery and atmosphere between these two, we picked Mr Steak House, since we taught that Laman Grill were too fancy and might be costly

The place have some high class standard. We might need more cash from what we had that night if we want to dine here. So, we proceeded to Mr Steakhouse premise.

 The Venue

 Premise decoration

Premise counter

The food we had there 
(Mix Lamb Chop, Fish and Chips and Mix Beef steak)

Personally, the taste is so-so, but the price is very affordable for those in tight budget. I wouldn't say that I'm not satisfied with my visit this time, but I wouldn't say that I'm happy either. If only the steak not too-well cook and the gravy made more soupy, I'll come again next time. But, we have to bare in mind, delicious food does not come cheaply but for that night, it fulfills my needs. 

Location? See the map below

G07, No.7 Persiaran Sukan Laman Seri Business Park, 
Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Malaysia

Contact? See details below

Phone   :  013-3401628 / 012-3955048
Email    : mrsteakhouse2011@yahoo.com
Website : mrsteakhouse.blogspot.com

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