Nasi Ayam Pak Mal

Chicken rice is one of the favorite food among Malaysians. Why? Because it is easy to cook it and if you are eating it outside at stall or restaurant, you can eat your chicken rice not long after you order it.
I went to Nasi Ayam Pak Mal restaurant at numerous time. Eating here with colleges usually as it located near to my previous office at Seksyen 10. My friend and I also went the almost every week after performing Jumaat Prayer. 

Pak Mal Nasi Ayam Section 11, Shah Alam

Pak Mal Nasi Ayam got two branches where the headquarter situated at Section 10, Shah Alam. Picture above showing the stall located at Section 11, where most of chicken rice lover went. Customers usually were jam-packed during peak hours, that is on lunch time.

Enough with the talks and readings. Now foods picture time.

 Compulsory Menu: Chicken Rice 
Price: RM 4.00

My Favourite Drink: Bandung Cincau 
Price: RM 2.50

Total money spent every visit? RM 6.50. I'd say it's worth because of the deliciousness. The chickens were carefully prepared and the chili sauce really complete the taste, usually for spicy food lovers. Both of the above, chicken rice and Bandung Cincau were the usual order customers took as it complement each other. If you prefers to opt out the Cincau in drink, you may as well save around 50cents

Location? See the maps below

Section 10 Head Quaters
Pak Mal Nasi Ayam
Jalan Selendang 10/10, Seksyen 10 Shah Alam
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

Section 11 Branch (Near Caltex)
Medan Selera Seksyen 11, Off Jalan Tarian 11/2
Seksyen 11 Shah Alam
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

I am very sure the foods offered here wont be disappointing to you readers. Do try their foods and make comparison between foods here and chicken rices you've tasted before.

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