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Its been awhile since my last post, dated back on 25th June 2012. More than a year. Quite busy with works at office. But since I am going to change ministry, from contract to permanent, I can say that I will be having more quality time; either at THE office or outside.

Last post is about Middle Eastern Food. This post too. Its my privileged to tell you guys, my reader about this particular restaurant. The restaurant owned by a local owner, a Muslim that want his customer to enjoy middle eastern food mix with some Malaysian taste. Aroma Hijrah, situated at TTDI Jaya (Section U2, Shah Alam). Parking might be an issue here since its very limited but no a very critical one. A Surau also located near this premise, so that the customer can perform their obligations, as early as they want.

Masywi Chicken, roasted Lamb & Kabsah Lamb with Mandy, Kabsah & Maqlubah

Picture above is the one that I had during my visit here. Sharing this meal among 3 people, we find it quite hard to finish the meal since it has PLENTY. Three different dish, serve with three different-cooked rice, served together with some side dishes and a Jug of syrup juice, I can be very sure you may achieve quite a satisfaction. The price is around RM 70++

 Full House. Credit Aroma Hijrah FB Page

Dining Area, Credit to Aroma Hijrah FB Page
You may choose to dine in like the picture above or using tables provided. We choose to dine cross-legged as we find it quite special. Not many restaurant that offer this kind services. 

 Advertisement Board around Shah Alam. Credit: Aroma Hijrah FB Page

New Menu, Top: Lamb Shank Hanith. Bottom: Grilled Norwegian Tilapia. Credit Aroma Hijrah FB Page

Comments? If you like pure Middle Eastern Dish, the satisfaction level might not as good as at Zam Zam Arabic Food. This restaurant offers their customer a Middle Eastern Dish mixed with a little bit of Malaysian food taste. 

The ambiance is good, nice air flow and air-conditioned. Fast service and good customer service too. They, the worker can suggest you quite a nice food there. The price is affordable, not reaching Zam-Zam Arabic Food. You get to eat what you pay. But sometimes, even you pay more, the dish served to you do not meet your requirement of satisfaction. For me, worth it to dine here.

Location? See the map below

No 8, Jalan Opera U2/H TTDI Jaya 40150 Shah Alam

Contact? See details below

Phone     : 0378321524 / 0126544838 / 0126644639
Email     :
Website  :

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  1. slm,saya wan zakris anak saudara ustazah habsah,
    saya tinggal di putrajya
    menjual rempah nasi arab terpantas untuk disediakan

    x perlu tumis,campur beras, pes dan lauk sahaja

    1.nasi mandhy
    2.nasi maqlubah
    3.nasi kabsah

    Harga Rm 18 sekotak siap bersama beras basmati
    sesuai makan untuk 5-7 org
    -wan zack 017-2479884 prefer whatsap

    ps-Cod percuma untuk kawasan berdekatan putrajaya