Zam - Zam Arabic Food

Have you ever tried Eastern Food? If you haven't, it is a must to try it. There is plenty to choose from at Klang Valley, but one of them is kind of outstanding from the others

The restaurant called Zam Zam Arabic Food Restaurant. Situated near Plaza Masalam, parking is not and issue since there a plenty. Enjoy the pictures! First the restaurant itself.

View from parking

 Situated at Oasis 9, Section 9 Shah Alam

General view inside the premise 

Menu book

Now proceed to the food. All I can is, a picture tells a thousand words. Enjoy!

 Chicken Mandy

Lamb Mandy

Falafel Sandwich

Whole Roasted Chicken with Bread

Arabic Cocktail

Pineapple Cocktail

Mango with Milk

Comments? An a must restaurant to visit if you are nearby Shah Alam. The food tastes delicious, the service is good, hygienic, and the most important thing is, the food is cook by cook from Eastern, not some local lads like an arabic in Section 7, Shah Alam. Price wise? Affordable. Sorry that I cant attached the price since, I'm not the one that pay during my visit here. Lol.

Delicious food doesn't come cheap. It's a motto you have to bare in mind. I don't mind paying a little bit more for food, but there's always a limit. 

Location? See the map below

 Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah G 9/G  Seksyen 9, 
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

Contact? See details below

Phone: 017-673 3018


  1. Nice blog. well decorated with the delicious Dishes. i love to eat them all Dhow cruise Dubai

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    We are Yayasan Restu located at Kompleks Seni Islam Antarabangsa Selangor. We are involved in publishing Al Quran with translations and we also run some Quranic classes.

    On Thursday 2nd November 2017, after Maghrib we are having Selawat Barakatul Makkiyah and expect an attendance of 80 people. The event is opened to public.

    We seek the kindness of Syed Bistro to sponsor some very simple menu for the 80 people. For more information please contact En. Azman at 0126806881 or En Anwar at 0169053403.

    We really appreciate your kind support.

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