Mr Steak House

I am a steak lover. Whenever my neighbor or my friend tells me that they went to a nice place to have a steak, automatically, the shop is in my Hit List for place to visit

One day, while busy doing routine work at office, my friend suggest me a steak house near Lama Seri, Section 13 Shah Alam. So that night, I asked some friend to tag along and went there.

At first, we all do not know which is the best-suit premise for us to dine in since there, got 2 steak house. 1 called "Laman Grill Steak & BBQ Restaurant" and another is "Mr Steak House". Judging the scenery and atmosphere between these two, we picked Mr Steak House, since we taught that Laman Grill were too fancy and might be costly

The place have some high class standard. We might need more cash from what we had that night if we want to dine here. So, we proceeded to Mr Steakhouse premise.

 The Venue

 Premise decoration

Premise counter

The food we had there 
(Mix Lamb Chop, Fish and Chips and Mix Beef steak)

Personally, the taste is so-so, but the price is very affordable for those in tight budget. I wouldn't say that I'm not satisfied with my visit this time, but I wouldn't say that I'm happy either. If only the steak not too-well cook and the gravy made more soupy, I'll come again next time. But, we have to bare in mind, delicious food does not come cheaply but for that night, it fulfills my needs. 

Location? See the map below

G07, No.7 Persiaran Sukan Laman Seri Business Park, 
Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Malaysia

Contact? See details below

Phone   :  013-3401628 / 012-3955048
Email    :
Website :

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