Restoran Temerloh Catering & Services

Salam, and good evening. Just want to share my iftar dish for today. My mom cooked for us and my sister in laws family. Serve together with Sambal Sotong hopefully I'll have enough strength for Terawih tonight.

There is a good restaurant that served this kind of dish. Quite popular too among Shah Alam residents. Situated at Dataran Otomobil, Section 15 Shah Alam, Restoran Temerloh Catering & Services definitely can provide the satisfaction to their customer with the food served there. Went there several times with family and friends, being a regular customer, I had the privilege testing several dish originated from Temerloh, Pahang

The Restaurant

Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin. Credit: Google Image

Price? Affordable. Ambiance? Good place to hang out as the place also used by many customer to meet old friend catching lost time during workdays.

Location? See the map below.

 Restoran Temerloh Catering & Services
2G Jalan Pahat J 15 / J 
Kompleks Dataran Automobil Section 15 
40000 Shah Alam

 Contact? See details below.

Phone:     03-5523 2972


  1. wa,, mmg terliur tgk!! huhu.. sedapnya~~

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  2. ok fine. nnt gua cari.. peminat no.1 ni..haha

  3. ade patin buah bro. kompem sedap punya

  4. hahaa yang ni sedap.....tapi jauh sangat