Warung Pak Din

As I tweeted earlier, the next post would be about Pulut Panggang. This kueh basically a Pulut stuffed with some coconut essence. Roasted like Otak-Otak, if served with black coffee or tea, your woeful evening can be turned into a wonderful one.

There is one famous little stall that sells this kueh everyday except Friday, starting from afternoon to around 6 o'clock in the evening. The stall called "Warung Pak Din". Located at the intersection of Jalan Ladang and Jalan Bali, the stall always packed with returning customers every evening. Serving other food too like Nasi Ayam Berempah, Kuew Teow Kerang and kueh like Pisang Goreng, the main one for me always and has been Pulut Panggang together with his signature Karipap Ayam.

 Stall Signboard

The owner is well-known person around the neighbourhood as he is friendly, soft-spoken, delivering qualities and quantities through his well-done cooked dishes. My cousin (from my Mom) married his daughter, so their family is very close to mine. Enough with the babbling, enjoy the pictures.

The Owner: Pak Din

 Main Attraction: Pulut Panggang

 Kueh Badak

 Kueh Ketayap

Coq Keria

Mee Goreng

The stall even got attention from local press

I'd say, this stall is perfect place for you to hang out either with family or friends during leisure evening time. The price is very affordable. Fast and reliable services, no wonder everyday there is a returning customer. I recommend this stall highly if you want to taste the REAL taste of Pulut Panggang. I guarantee you, that if you have the time, you will be among the returning customer hanging out at this stall.

Below is the full list of kueh and food served there

- karipap ayam
- pisang goreng
- rengas
- sukun goreng
- keledek goreng
- coq keria
- pulut panggang
- kuih badak
- ketayap
- wadey
- sosej roll
- coq kucai
- tauhu sumbat
- buah melaka
- lopes
- sagu
- kaswi
- seri muka
- coq kodok
- laksa penang
- mee kari
- nasi ayam
- bihun sup tulang
- bihun sup ayam
- kuey teow kerang
- mee goreng udang

During this Ramadhan month, like previous years, Pak Din also open two stall at Sungai Udang, Klang Bazaar Ramadhan. One stall selling the dish for iftar, and the other one is selling mainly these kueh that he sells at his regular stalls.

Location? See the map below.

Warung Pak Din Palm Groove
Jalan Ladang Taman Palm Groove
41200 Klang

Contact? See details below

Phone:     019 2976183 / 019 3746735
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Warung-Pak-Din-Palm-Grove/101527236630108

Phote Credit: Warung Pak Din Palm Groove FB Page


  1. too far from my house... but all the kuih too delicious.... yummy.... suddenly, my stomach sound 'krek3...' haha

  2. if you ever pass by klang, dont forget to drop by this shop. totally worth it

  3. pulut panggang!
    my favaourite!

    follow my blog too


  4. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! I Love ketayap !!

  5. advanced jugak.. warong pon dah ad facebook page kan..

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